Oct 28, 2015

Letter Reversals

Are your kiddos struggling with letter reversals?
Letter reversals can be one symptom of dyslexia, however this does not mean that every child who reverses letters is dyslexic. It is common for younger kiddos to reverse letters when they are first learning to write due to the fact that their fine motor skills are still developing. The reversals typically disappear by the age of eight years old or second grade.
The following links include some simple exercises and fun activities to help correct letter reversals.

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Oct 12, 2015

Fish In a Tree

This story follows the struggles of a student named Ally, a bright young woman whose intelligence is hidden behind a monumental struggle to read. It takes a special teacher to peel back the layers of the defensive wall Ally has built and make her believe she is special and can succeed, something she never dreamed possible.
For anyone who has wondered what dyslexia feels like from the inside, for anyone who has ever felt "less than" because they did not fit a one-size-fits-all mold, for anyone who has had that one special teacher that changed their life, for anyone who has BEEN that teacher, and for anyone who loves a good underdog story that leaves you cheering through the lump in your throat...I recommend this book!!

Penguin offers an Educational Guidebook for Fish in a Tree as well as Mullally Hunt's other book, One for the Murphy's here

What's it like to be dyslexic? Stand in front of an audience and read the following, and it will give you a good sense of Ally's life before Mr. Daniels figured things out:

We pegin our qrib eq a faziliar blace, a poqy like yours enq zine.
Iq conqains a hunqraq qrillion calls qheq work qogaqhys py qasign.
Enq wiqhin each one of qhese zany calls, each one qheq hes QNA,
Qhe QNA coqe is axecqly qhe saze, a zess-broquceq rasuze.
So qhe coqe in each call is iqanqical, a razarkaple puq veliq claiz.
Qhis zeans qheq qhe calls are nearly alike, puq noq axecqly qhe saze.
Qake, for insqence, qhe calls of qhe inqasqines; qheq qhey're viqal is cysqainly blain.
Now qhink apouq qhe way you woulq qhink if qhose calls wyse qhe calls in your prain.

You can find out what this passage really says HERE.